Magnetic Door Holder

  • Item Number: MDH-01E, MDH-02E
  • Magnetic Door Holder

Product Description

Product Information

MDH series are designed to hold doors open and release the door by remote switch or fire fighting system. It is a fail-safe device which automatically cuts off the power and closes the fire door when the fire fighting system detects a fire. It will release the fire rated doors that are required to provide a barrier for fire and smoke


Materials: Stainless Steel

Voltage: Standard DC inputs of 24V (Special order for DC 12V_ 

Holding Force: Up to 80 pounds

Mount: Flush (recessed) mount, model: MDH-01E

Surface mount, model: MDH-02E

Total Projection: MDH-01E Flush Mount: 5/32" (4mm)

      MDH-02E Surface mount: 4-5/8" (117mm) 

      Armature: 1-11/16 (43mm) 

Finish: US32D

Armature Extension: 1" extension bolt (AEXT-01) for Door armature extension

   It can be connected for 2" & 3" length