Literature and Spec

Advantage Bathroom Hardware

Series Specification Dimension Installation
Template Cross-reference
Stratford Solid Brass Series
Stratford Double Towel Bar Set            
Stratford Towel Bar Set            
Stratford Towel Ring            
Stratford Double Robe Hook            
Stratford Euro Paper Holder            
Stratford Paper Holder            
Hollywood Modern Series
Hollywood Towel Bar Set          
Hollywood Robe Hook          
Hollywood Towel Ring          
Hollywood Paper Holder          
Hollywood Euro Paper Holder          
SoHo Modern Series
SoHo Towel Bar Set          
SoHo Robe Hook          
SoHo Towel Ring          
SoHo Paper Holder          
SoHo Euro Paper Holder          
Austin Modern Series
Austin Euro Paper Holder          
Austin Paper Holder          
Austin Towel Ring          
Austin Robe Hook          
Austin Towel Bar Set          
Portman Series
Portman Towel Bar Set          
Portman Towel Ring          
Portman Paper Holder          
Portman Robe Hook          
Portman Euro Paper Holder          
Avalon Series
Avalon Towel Bar Set          
Avalon Double Robe Hook          
Avalon Towel Ring          
Avalon Paper Holder          
Avalon Euro Paper Holder          
Walden Series
Walden Towel Bar Set          
Walden Double Robe Hook          
Walden Euro Paper Holder          
Walden Towel Ring          
Walden Paper Holder          
Chelsea Series
Chelsea Towel Ring          
Chelsea Towel Bar Set          
Chelsea Tooth Brush Holder          
Chelsea Paper Holder          
Chelsea Double Robe Hook          
Chelsea Recessed Paper Holder          
Chelsea Soap Holder          
Dunhill Series
Dunhill Towel Bar Set          
Dunhill Double Robe Hook          
Dunhill Soap Holder          
Dunhill Tooth Brush Holder          
Dunhill Recessed Paper Holder          
Dunhill Paper Holder          
Bathroom Accessories
Recessed Extra Paper Holder          
Recessed Tissue Dispenser          
18" Towel Shelf with Hanger Bar          
24" Towel Shelf with Hanger Bar          
Recessed Vanity Tissue Box          
Twin Recessed Paper Holder          
Regular Shower Rod with Poly Flange            
Stainless Steel Curved Shower Rod Set            
ADA Grab Bar